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Hey There!

I’m Stephanie. I was 25 years old from Boston when I came to the realization that I was tired of being unhappy, living an unfulfilled life, and not knowing who I was. I went from crawling around in life carrying fear, to walking tall (I’m 5 foot nothing, by the way) with authenticity and confidence at 33. Bottom line is, it’s possible.

willing to try. 

Anything is actually possible if you are at least 

I once was an insecure girl who only thought of what others thought of her and did whatever I had to do to please anyone and everyone... Those days are farrrrrrrrr gone.


Me today? I am the healthiest, most confident and happy I have ever been.


How? That’s what I’m here to show ya!

We are more capable of doing shit than we could ever begin to imagine.  I am here to tell you... It’s never too late to go after the  life you dream of!

your life is happening now ...

are you in?

Black Marble

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