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How I Stopped Driving like an Asshole

Are you the person that speeds up when someone is trying to pass you? Ya... I was too. That shit isn't worth it to me anymore, once I realized how draining that behavior was. I was the road rage QUEEN... beeping my horn every drive I took, speeding, yelling... the whole 9, you get it. Today.. my drives are joyful, peaceful... sometimes I don't want them to end! (insane, I know.. but POSSIBLE)

Follow these tips so that your drives can turn into a positive experience every time and not a hassle.... or even worse, an accident.

Tip #1 - Leave Earlier

Guys, lets be real... we rush because we are going to be late... LEAVE.EARLIER. Figure out how long it is going to take you, and add 15 minutes on to that and leave then. Rushing is unnecessary, think about it, it can be prevented.

Tip #2 - Relax

Driving should be an experience... you are going from A to B. It's a ride! So why are we always so pissed off and driving like assholes?! Are you late? (insert tip #1), and slowwwwww down. Make sure you are setting yourself up with success before the ride even starts. What are you listening to? If you are switching back and forth with commercials, just shut off the radio. Truthfully I drive more in silence than I do not these days, it's quite peaceful, try it!

"An angry or stressed-out driver is potentially a dangerous driver" – Melissa Stoppler, M.D.

Tip #3 - Don't Engage

The hardest part... chances are if you are in a road rage incident, the other person has just as an unhealthy mindset/behavior as you. You can control the situation by choosing not to engage. Even if you are the competitive type... remember, there is no positive outcome with road rage.

Tip #4 - Don't be like Clark Griswold

Keep your rides shenanigan free! (IYKYK)

Moral of the story guys..... the reason we drive like assholes... is because of ourselves. Take responsibility, make the necessary changes, and make driving more JOYFUL/SAFE.

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