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3 Tips to Enjoy your Workout, Every Time.

I used to dread working out, I would PREDICT how I was going to feel during the workout, before it even started!!!! I would say to myself over and over, “I don’t want to do this”, and during, I would continue to tell myself “Just stop here Stephanie, it hurts, you know you don’t want to do this anymore, so just stop”. Do you hear how I am talking to myself? How in the HELL would I expect to have a productive workout with this conversation going on in my head? It ain’t EVAHHH gonna happen folks. (Boston accent will come out here and there, roll with it!!!) How you talk to yourself, represents the quality of life you live. If I were to describe my workouts today? Fun, exciting and productive… the workouts allow me to get to know myself a little more each time. It’s a space where I am ONLY benefitting myself, my health, my mind, my body.. ME.

Course it didn’t happen overnight, but with these 3 tips I's almost impossible to not enjoy your workout... every time.

Tip #1 - Hype yourself up

Before every workout I listen to 1 to 2 songs that I KNOW is going to hype me the fuck up. We all have a few favorites that can get us going... play those before you start your workout.. play them while you are stretching. Get your head right, body moving, and attitude in check! You're about to dominate this workout... it's exciting!!

Tip #2 - Get your thoughts right

What you think about, determines your workout. Your mindset has to be WIN. Remind yourself WHY you are in the gym, WHAT are you looking to work on? HOW do you want to feel when you finish? Most importantly what does life look like if you don't accomplish these things? Don't cheat yourself guys, make the choice to WIN.

"Your mindset has to be WIN"

Tip #3 - Your workout shouldn't mimic anyone else

Too often we put pressure on ourselves because we don't have the same workout routines as others, or dress the same as others in the gym... guys DO YOU. There is no "perfect/right" workout out there.... YOU get to decide what that looks like for YOU. Do you need to run 7 miles and do a 3 hour workout daily? No. Do people do this? Some might! I know that ain't on my calendar for a workout though, and that's OK! But does a 30 minute workout "count"?? (my workouts RARELY exceed 30 minutes). Put it this way guys... as long as you leave your workout, being more proud of yourself and feeling stronger and healthier... that's the "perfect/right" workout in my book, regardless of what it looks like.

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