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your life?

hey there!

I’m Stephanie-- a wife and mama to 4 fur babies who chose to heal and end generations of trauma so I could live authentically and confidently with a world of possibilities. My mission is to support you to create the same for your life!

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meet angry elf.

Three easy action items to lead you to a more productive lifestyle..... TODAY!
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Want to chat? Book a 45 minute laser-focused consultation with me to finally figure your shit out!!

are you ready to meet the happiest version of yourself?

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laser-focused mindset consult

45 minute private one-on-one Zoom call with Stephanie.

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mini course

coming soon

Transform your life in a mini course with Stephanie.

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rise & thrive

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Join our tribe and become the best version of yourself.

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need guidance

on your mindset,

well-being or time

management skills?

What Clients Say

"Stephanie has been such an inspiration, her enthusiasm has influenced me for the better. With positive thinking and understanding what actual self work is, it’s been life changing. Once you realize that you are sometimes the person holding yourself back from your true potential, life starts. Thanks to Stephanie for helping realize that and slowly I’ve been taking the right steps to live my best life.”

-Amanda S.

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No One is Coming

Episode 2 - Own Your Life.png

Own Your Life

Episode 3 - Who is going to wake you up.png

Who is going to wake you up?

show up for  you.

give yourself a chance.

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