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hey there!

I’m Stephanie – a 32 year old who decided that I was tired thinking of what other people thought of me and chose to become confident instead. It isn’t easy, but it unlocked the chains I had myself tied up in, now walking through life truly confident and care free. My mission is support you to do the same!

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What would be possible if the only opinion that mattered was your own? Imagine if you added up the amount of time, replaying in your mind, others opinions?


Time is our most valuable resource.


When you spend your time worried on others thoughts, you never fully embrace what is possible for you. You are never fully living. Instead, envision your own opinion being the most important, the one that carries the most weight in your life.


What would you be capable of?


If you have the desire to live your life with your head held high, living confidently, being your own best friend and knowing you are all you need.. I am confident (no pun intended) that Confidence 101 is the perfect fit for you.

Can’t wait to have you join us!

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We are live! Join the list to have access to the discounted pricing when you schedule a 1 on 1 with me over Zoom to chat about your lifestyle needs. How to break free from generational trauma, increase confidence, stay grounded, reduce anxious thoughts, patterns & behaviors and to think more logically to get out of life what you are looking for, and most importantly, to a live a life you deserve.
Cannot wait to work directly with you!!
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Are you tired of not doing what you want to do? Imagine if you could just wake up and make decisions for yourself and not give a shit what anyone else thinks? Don’t you want to be your own hype girl and mean it?! Lets go lady.. this is possible!

are you ready to meet the happiest version of yourself?

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Confident Chick Academy


Become the woman you always knew you could be.

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get a personalized roadmap on how to become the most confident version of yourself.

What Clients Say

"Stephanie has been such an inspiration, her enthusiasm has influenced me for the better. With positive thinking and understanding what actual self work is, it’s been life changing. Once you realize that you are sometimes the person holding yourself back from your true potential, life starts. Thanks to Stephanie for helping realize that and slowly I’ve been taking the right steps to live my best life.”

-Amanda S.

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Episode 3 - Who is going to wake you up.png

Who is going to wake you up?

show up for  you.

give yourself a chance.

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